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Knowing to Sustain

Projeto Conhecer para Sustentar: Vale do Itajaí

Knowing to Sustain: Itajaí Valley Project was created with the purpose of understanding the issues related to the heavy rains that hit the Itajaí Valley, in the state of Santa Catarina, in November 2008, when over 1.5 million people were affected; of proposing sustainable solutions to minimize social, economic and environmental impacts, in addition to sustainable urban initiatives for homeless people or those at risk; and of spreading knowledge.

It has three stages:
  • Acompanhe mais informações sobre o projeto Sustainable urban initiatives for the new neighborhood in the town of Gaspar: The project to shelter 119 families is based on sustainable principles such as a drainage system and biological sewage treatment system, among others.
  • Dissemination of knowledge with:
    Launching of a kit composed of a book and a documentary, with the historical and geographic context of the heavy rains, the report of what happened and the ensuing mobilization of aid for the victims, and sustainable proposals for recovery of the region. It also has a pull-out for teachers, with suggestions of how to use the kit material in classrooms.
    Promotion of the debate “Os Impactos dos Eventos Extremos no sul do país” (“The Impacts of Extreme Events in the South of the Country”).
    Presentation of the Seminar “Eventos Extremos no Brasil: Causas e Impactos” (“Extreme Events in Brazil: Causes and Impacts”).
    Execution of the Knowing to Sustain Project: a reflection on the extreme climate events, a lecture cycle with the purpose of bringing discussion to our daily routine, in addition to analyzing their impacts and opportunity.
    Training for teachers of the 22 municipalities of the Itajaí Valley and surroundings with the theme “Desafios da Sustentabilidade e o Compromisso da Educação” (“Challenges of Sustainability and the Commitment to Education”).
  • Reconstruction of the Angélica Costa Public School, in Gaspar, destroyed by heavy rains, based on eco-efficiency: green roof, solar energy utilization and water reuse, among others.

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