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Integrated Community

A Program of Sustainable Territorial Development

Integrated Community is a program of sustainable territorial development which carries out social and economic assessments and studies, as well as an Integrated Management Plan, in order to guide private social investment in a coherent and integrated manner with the communities and needs of each region.

Integrated Social and Economic Assessment

Analysis of the regional and local reality to identify potential, relations with the local communities, estimates of the impacts and extent of the risks and opportunities of Bunge investments of different sizes.

Development of the Integrated Management Plan

Research and detailing of strategic initiatives that will be prioritized and transformed into programs and projects that contribute to the sustainable development of the region.

Execution of the Integrated Management Plan

Implementation of the programs and projects prioritized and detailed in the plan and monitoring of the actions developed - management and evaluation mechanisms. The idea is to engage in a "co-responsible" effort where the company, the community and local government are partners in the development of the region.
The program is being developed in the cities of Pedro Afonso, Tupirama and Bom Jesus do Tocantins, in the state of Tocantins, on three large fronts:
Relationship with the community, whose purpose is to promote community awareness of the Bunge enterprise in the region and also help the enterprise become part of the community.
Strengthening of public administration, aiming to promote cooperation with the municipalities of Pedro Afonso, Tupirama and Bom Jesus do Tocantins for development of the territory with respect to infrastructure, management of municipal councils and training for management of public tax and budget policies.
Support for human and social development, which strives to promote community development through occupational training and development of suppliers, among other actions.

Priority Actions for 2011

  • Creation of a Consortium Working Group, consisting of about 30 people, including representatives of the local government and civil society leadership of the municipalities of Pedro Afonso, Tupirama and Bom Jesus do Tocantins and of the Bunge enterprise in the region, for discussion of planning, carrying out and monitoring of actions that contribute to the sustainable development of the region.
  • Education - Start of teacher training in the three municipalities by holding awareness seminars.
  • Municipal Plans - Assistance to the municipalities for preparation of urban master plans, municipal ordinance codes, construction codes and land plans.
  • Infrastructure Projects - Start of development of three projects focused on issues related to water, sanitation and landfills.
  • Entrepreneurial Development - Start of efforts to develop local entrepreneurs.

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Project to Restructure the Social Protection Network Advances in Pará - 11/03/16 Meetings took place in the municipalities of Itaituba and Barcarena and are part of the Integrated Community program

The Bunge Foundation Offers Professional Training Courses in Pará - 07/15/16 As part of the Integrated Community program, close to 135 students from the municipalities of Barcarena and Itaituba are participating in the training in 2016

The Bunge Foundation Promotes an Action during Carnival in Partnership with Childhood Brasil - 02/05/16 The purpose of this action was to engage truck drivers as agents to protect children and adolescents against sexual abuse and sexual exploitation

The Bunge Foundation Trains Advisory and Municipal Counselors - 12/02/15 Consisting of four modules, the purpose of the training is to enhance the workflow with other agencies in the social protection network for children and adolescents


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