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Environmental Initiative

A Sustainable School Project

The Education Community is a Bunge Brazil corporate volunteer program designed to encourage reading in schools and community centers to contribute to the development of citizens skilled in reading, conscious of their role in the present and committed to the future.

Pillars of Action of the Sustainable School:

  • Man's relation to nature and its preservation
  • Relations with the community and its culture
  • The development of reading promoters

Action Fronts:

  • The development of reading promoters
  • The creation and revitalization of reading spaces
  • Mobilization events

The Tree Book

The Tree Book is a kit - composed of children's literature books, a rug, cushions and a panel in the form of a tree - set up in schools and community centers for the purpose of promoting new opportunities for reading.

It is part of a work proposal intended not only to create and revitalize reading spaces, but to also develop reading promoters and events to mobilize the community.

All this work counts on the support of the Semear Leitores [Seeding Readers] blog, which allows the exchange of experiences and the training of the Education Community work group.

The Education Community for Brazil

Volunteer Action

  • Present in 9 Brazilian states:
    SP, MG, RS, SC, PR, PE, PI, MT and BA.
  • 34 schools served
  • 9,211 students
  • 511 teachers
  • 520 volunteers

For more information about the contributions of Comunidade Educativa in Brazil, please click on the following link:

Mapa Brasil

Latest NewsMore news

Volunteers Mobilize to Donate Blood at Bunge - 11/21/16 The action was promoted by Bunge Brasil and, in only one day, sufficient blood was collected to save up to 270 lives

Volunteers Present a Play on the Book, “O Fio da Meada” [“Line of Thought”] - 10/31/16 The activity took place at the Bunge unit in Paranaguá, in the state of Paraná, and involved 245 students of two municipal schools

The Bunge Foundation Promotes Book Fairs in Schools and Reading Spaces - 10/26/16 During the months of October and November, volunteers and reading promoters are undertaking various activities to encourage reading in 15 regions of the country

Volunteers Organize Activities at the Luís Eduardo Magalhães Municipal School - 10/17/16 Every Thursday, Education Community volunteers visit students for activities in the Semear Leitores (Seeding Readers) Reading Space

The Bunge Foundation Promotes Volunteer Month in 12 Cities - 10/07/16 Actions involved 14 Bunge Brasil units and 580 people, between volunteers, friends, relatives and other employees

Volunteers Take Managers to School to Talk About Professions - 09/29/16 An initiative of the Education Community takes place in the city of Rio Grande, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, with fourth-grade students

Action Aims to Enhance Children and Adolescent Protection Services in Municipalities in Pará - 09/16/16 The initiative is part of the Bunge Foundation’s Integrated Community actions, with Childhood Brasil and Public Agenda

Project Takes Reading to a Children’s Home in Tocantins - 09/15/16 Every month, an outstanding student is honored with a surprise visit from fellow students and teachers, together with of a lot of stories and fun activities

Ponta Grossa Volunteers Produce Diapers for a Senior Citizen Home for Women - 07/11/16 The action was promoted by volunteers of the Education Community program and it benefited close to 45 elderly ladies

São Paulo Welcomes a Workshop on Audiovisual Collections - 06/17/16 Part of the 2016 Cultural Journeys program, the event took place from June 16 to 17 at São Paulo CAIXA Cultural [the Cultural Institution of the Brazilian Federal Savings Bank]