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Bunge Foundation Statistics

Year of Foundation: 1955
Annual Investment (global): R$6 million
Educational Community for Brazil
Volunteer Action
Found in 9 Brazilian states – RS, SC, PR, SP, MG, BA, PI, PE and MT
40 schools served
13,488 students
736 teachers
387 volunteers
Teacher Training
Participation of 17,389 teachers from 75 cities and towns
Found in 10 Brazilian states - RS, SC, PR, SP, MG, BA, PI, PE MT and ES
151 partnerships
1,436 schools involved
Bunge Memory Center
52 Cultural Journeys, which brought together 2,306 people
46 exhibitions in 16 years, with the visit of 1,087,725 people
252,157 people served in 16 years
Over 600,000 images –printed photos, glass slides, chromes, engravings, paintings and maps
1,300 boxes of assorted documents
3,000 audiovisual objects
Over 1,200 objects that document the evolution of customs, industrial processes and techniques, design, marketing and advertising
100 hours of testimony from Bunge collaborators
The Bunge Foundation Award
163 winners, of which:
106 were awarded in the "Life and Work" category
57 were awarded in the "Youth" category

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