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What Do You Think about the Quota Law for Universities?Reply to topic

  • 12/05/12 at 05:30 PM

In October, the federal government issued a decree regulating the law that will require public federal universities and institutes to reserve 50% of their vacancies for students who graduated from public high schools (or public elementary schools, in the case of institute admissions). Already starting in 2013, these universities must reserve 12.5% of their vacancies for quota system participants, and this percentage is expected to increase gradually until August 30, 2016, the ultimate deadline for totally complying with the law. In other words, the quota will be 25% in 2014, 37.5% in 2015 and, finally, 50% in 2016. With the law, at least half of the quota openings reserved will be filled by students, in accordance with their family income, while the other places will be reserved for blacks, mixed race and indigenous students. This racial percentage will vary from state to state and will be defined by the importance of each one of these populations according to the last census conducted by the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) São Paulo The three public state universities in São Paulo – USP, UNESP and UNICAMP – must also meet the goal established for federal universities. Under discussion since the beginning of October, the proposal that also reserves 50% of admission spots for quota system participants by 2016 will be officially presented this week to Governor Geraldo Alckmin, by São Paulo’s Acting Secretary of Economic Development, Science and Technology Luiz Carlos Quadrelli. According to President Dilma Rousseff, the Quota Law should improve access to education in the country and “rescue Brazil’s historic debt to our poorer young people.” Critics, however, say that the measure could diminish the quality of institutions of higher education or that there is the risk of passing on to the university the challenges today faced by public elementary and secondary schools with their unprepared students and discouraged professors. And you, what do you think about university quotas? For more information on the Quota Law, see the November edition of the Jornal Cidadania.


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