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Can Distance Replace Classroom Learning?

Recently, the Ministry of Education (MEC) placed creation of a federal university for distance education (DE) on the agenda.

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What Do You Think about the Quota Law for Universities?

In October, the federal government issued a decree regulating the law that will require public federal universities and institutes to reserve 50% of their vacancies for students who graduated from public high schools (or public elementary schools, in the case of institute admissions).

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Are Monteiro Lobato’s Books Really Racist?

Recently, a controversy that had been around since at least 2010 resurfaced: the supposed racism in works by writer Monteiro Lobato.

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In What Ways Do You Encourage Children to Read?

Recently, the Bunge Foundation invited some blogs dedicated to education and children’s literature to ask their readers: “In what ways do you encourage children to read?”

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