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Youth’s Leading Role

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The law that created the Youth Statute and will take effect in February 2014 was approved on August 5, 2013.

The statute can be understood as the legal framework for the establishment and strengthening of public policies focused on youth. However, it is important to emphasize that the legal instrument will not be sufficient to increase social equality between young people. Young people need to continue seeking and exercising their leading role.

Although considered a catchphrase by the youth segment, the expression “leading role” remains irreplaceable when we highlight young people’s actions within the political scenario of their communities. Playing a leading role goes beyond taking on an important role – it means understanding and participating in the social conflicts of our society that are undergoing constant change. It assumes the exercise of political power and influence in the construction of citizenship.

The young person playing a leading role is open to differences and understands that this is necessary for dialogue between the diverse players in the public environment. Young people in society organize around actions that may be small, but are responsible for generating visibility and spreading the discomfort they feel.

The small actions can also express a young person’s potential for political participation and show how social achievements can be accomplished and shared. Perhaps the big challenge is not reflected by the scope of the ideas and initiatives proposed by young people, but mainly by what is being done to implement these actions.

Pedro Barizon, Bunge Foundation Project Coordinator


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