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Can Distance Replace Classroom Learning?

Recently, the Ministry of Education (MEC) placed creation of a federal university for distance education (DE) on the agenda.

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What Do You Think about the Quota Law for Universities?

In October, the federal government issued a decree regulating the law that will require public federal universities and institutes to reserve 50% of their vacancies for students who graduated from public high schools (or public elementary schools, in the case of institute admissions).

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Are Monteiro Lobato’s Books Really Racist?

Recently, a controversy that had been around since at least 2010 resurfaced: the supposed racism in works by writer Monteiro Lobato.

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In What Ways Do You Encourage Children to Read?

Recently, the Bunge Foundation invited some blogs dedicated to education and children’s literature to ask their readers: “In what ways do you encourage children to read?”

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07/03/2014 - Orality: The Tradition of Saving Memories and Telling Stories We always think of orality as the sound that comes out of the mouth, what is vocalized, the voice. The voice is one of the elements of this cultural practice. Orality is present in the entire body and outside it.

11/20/2013 - Black Awareness Day On this very important day, I present the readers of the foundation’s blog an article I wrote, published in October 2013, in the O MENELICK 2º ATO – AFROBRASILIDADES & AFINS magazine

11/13/2013 - Youth’s Leading Role Young people need to continue seeking and exercising their leading role

06/17/2013 - The Importance of Children’s Books for the Development of Readers The main role of books in childhood is to expand our horizons. They serve as fuel for creativity – which in childhood, let’s agree, is considerable – and, above all, encourage thinking, or better, free thinking. Books have to be our landing and take-off field for new adventures, new discoveries