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Continentes de atuação da Fundação Bunge

The Bunge Foundation was established in 1955 as the social arm of Bunge Brazil S. A.

Making education its main focus, it started its activities by trying to encourage the sciences, language and literature, and the arts in the country. Since then, it has expanded its scope of action, developing programs to train teachers and corporate volunteers in the public school system and to preserve corporate memory.

With the advent of the 21st century, however, there was a more pressing need: sustainability. The Bunge Foundation has accepted the challenge and embarked on a new path. The Bunge Foundation today is an organization committed to sustainable development. Education is no longer the focus, but it remains important and has become a tool to help generate innovative ideas. For the Bunge Foundation, to feed ideas is to sustain the world.

To contribute to sustainable development through actions to enhance the advancement of science, education and the conservation of natural resources.
To value people as agents of transformation in the building of a sustainable society.
» Integrity
» Respect to diversity
» Partnership
» Citizenship

Board of Directors

Carlo Lovatelli
  • Adalberto Luis Val
  • Andrea Marquez Fontes
  • Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz
  • Celso Lafer
  • Cristovam Buarque
  • Diogo Ardaillon Simões
  • Eduardo Moacyr Krieger
  • Haroldo da Gama Torres
  • Maria Bonomi
  • Martus Tavares
  • Raul Padilla
Executive Director
Cláudia Buzzette Calais

Technical Staff

Social Project Manager
Juliana Santana
Project Coordinator
Ana Isabel Ferraz
Project Coordinator
Carolina Nunes
Project Coordinator
Paulo Rita
Communications Coordinator
Anna Barcelos
Bunge Foundation Award Curator
Ruy Martins Altenfelder

Audit Committee

Effective Members
Bruno Meirelles Salotti
Hildegard Gutz Horta
Julio Garros
Alternate Members
Geovane Consul
Fernando Zanetti
Elisabete Cyrino


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