Bunge Foundation

One of the richest corporate memory archives in the country, with documents that tell the Bunge story in its more than 100 years in Brazil and 200 years in the world. More than just preserving, the Memory Center seeks to share its collection with society.

A Bunge Brazil corporate volunteer program whose objective is to encourage reading in schools and community centers to contribute to the development of citizens skilled in reading, conscious of their role in the present and committed to the future.

A program for sustainable territorial development, which carries out social and economic assessments and studies, as well as develops an Integrated Management Plan, in order to guide private social investment in a coherent and integrated manner with the communities and needs of each region.

Created in 1955, its objective is to encourage innovation and the spread of knowledge. It is granted annually to outstanding personalities in different branches of literature, science and the arts, always in two categories: "Life and Work" and "Youth."

Cidadania (Citizenship Journal) is a Bunge Foundation publication, launched in 2001, that seeks to spread knowledge and ideas, as well as encourage sustainable actions and practices.


Series Portrays the Transformative Potential of Literature

In six episodes on video, the When Literature Transforms series, has been launched on Estadão online’s Estante de Letrinhas blog

11 Museums and Libraries have Bicycle Parking in São Paulo

Check out the tips from the Secretary of Culture of the State of São Paulo for those wanting to add a cultural visit when they are out bicycle riding

Website Makes 11 Theses and Dissertations on Giorgio Agamben Available by Download

Giorgio is one of the most influential contemporary philosophers and author of works on topics that range from esthetics to politics


Can Distance Replace Classroom Learning?

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Recently, the Ministry of Education (MEC) placed creation of a federal university for distance education (DE) on the agenda.

What Do You Think about the Quota Law for Universities?

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In October, the federal government issued a decree regulating the law that will require public federal universities and institutes to reserve 50% of their vacancies for students who graduated from public high schools (or public elementary schools, in the case of institute admissions).


Chat with Peter Burke, renowned English historian with a doctorate from Oxford University

Foundation Blog

At the Fundação Bunge blog we share opinions, experiences and ideas. Professionals from our entity will handle issues related to Fundação Bunge activities. Come join us to express opinions and nourish ideas.


Black Awareness Day

Postado em 20 de Novembro de 2013


Association - Social assemblage that gathers people interested in acting collectively towards a shared purpose; in legal terms, it is defined as a legal entity created by a group of individuals that share ideas and join efforts without any profitable purpose.



Bunge Memory Center

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